Do you want to start your own Podcast using your I phone? It is very Easy.

The following is one of the latest episode of my podcast. To hear my poetry and podcast you can find me here or on Spotify under The Arabian Traveler Poetry.

It is simple. Just download the Anchor App. I watched a YouTube video by Anchor and it walked me through the process. Anchor will automatically load your episodes on Spotify. Below is the video I watched.

I was able to post my pod cast on several platforms on google, apple and radio public. It is a little more involved, however Anchor will immediately link your podcast to Spotify.

I hope to start interviewing other poets on my podcast. Let me know if you are interested. It can be done remotely. I just invested in a condenser microphone for podcast and hope to have a better sound.

My Podcast focuses on four themes: Love, Peace vs. War, The Immigrant Experience and Utopia.



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