Stones and a Tour Guide

Stones, stones

Legends and a tour guide

Pain and suffering

Sadness, and a tour guide

Legendary history and a tour guide

How are you Jerusalem?

How are you Jerusalemites?

What about those stones?

Stones and a befuddled history

Stones, pain and awakened sadness

Oh ye Jerusalem, my back is broken.

Dreams and nightmares,

I search and search and cannot find anything like you

So by God’s name this world is futile without you

I question are these stones what attracts us to you?

Mosques, synagogues, churches and holy tombs

Traditions and rituals celebrated on your streets and corners, right and left

From the Mount of Olive and Al- Aqsa Mosque

to the Road of Suffering which witnessed the shackles of injustice over the centuries

So why the yearning?

Oh ye stones,

Talk! What do you have?

Talk! Chat! Say something!

You play a sad flute and a hopeless violin

Oh ye stones,

You are holy;



Talk to me!

Accompany me at night!

Befriend me!

Play with me!

Say something to me!

Talk about the destruction!

Talk! Talk! Talk!

Ask for help from Abraham , David, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad!

They all were your gatekeepers

Through the centuries they walked on these holy grounds and glorified it over the years

Oh ye stones,

If you were to talk,

you would say that I worship thee.

So why do we love thee?

Is it for the mosques, synagogues and churches?

Is it for the holiness of every inch on your grounds?

Do stones become a spirit or represent God?

Do stones become a human, a deity, or a high priest?

So why do we sanctify stones to the point of bloodshed?

Are these stones greater than God, or greater than humanity?

I do not know and I wonder

Stones and a tour guide



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Mohammad Bader

Mohammad Bader

Writer, Thinker, Leader, Counselor, and Poet who wrote The Traveler. A Collection of poetry.