From my Mom Bettie P Mitchell Pictures Archive - Us in 1984 Jericho, Palestine.

You call me son.

I call you mother.

Sometimes we have fun.

Some times we run;

From each other;

And from the world;

And from our emotions.

We find ourselves,

In different worlds,

But swiftly, we unite.

Nothing destroys our ties;

And nothing will make us lie.

A strange composition;

Different complexion;

But True emotions,

And true relation.


I thank God for being your son!

I wrote this poem for my mom sometime ago. She passed away in 2021 of Cancer. May she rest in peace. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.



Mohammad Bader

Mohammad Bader

Writer, Thinker, Leader, Counselor, and Poet who wrote The Traveler. A Collection of poetry.